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Harnessing Technolog is Hard

People and Technology are the twin engines of every modern business. Yet exploiting technology is notoriously difficult. Too many projects start with the best of intentions: to provide a great experience for staff and customers alike, with technology handling repetitive drudgery. Too often they fail. Sometimes catastrophically, sometimes partially. Sometimes they seem successful; under budget, ahead of time. But scratch beneath the surface and it's often pretty ugly: confusing user experience, manual workarounds, inefficient processes.

At Roperia, the goal is simple: to improve the chance of success with technology-centric change. There's no magic bullet: no secret sauce, no elusive elixir. However: significant improvement is possible. A few fundamental, recurring problems surface in most change programmes. Identifying, understanding and addressing them is key to successful delivery. And it can make a big difference.

Roperia is a small company specialising in helping companies identify and address those issues. Roperia is a vehicle for applying 20 years experience gained across a wide range of companies and industries. Roperia is inspired by the following quote from W. Edwards Deming:

Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.

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